Plaid for fall

Plaid trend started to be the biggest fall fashion trend in 2017. It continued it’s popularity through out the spring season, and here we are… Fall 2018 – plaid everywhere: plaid skirt, pants, blazers, etc. plaid skirt Instead of going away, this trend gain even more popularity and we can definitely talk about this pattern being timeless. With that being said, you can start buying some plaid garments (if you don’t have any already) to add them to your closet. Usually, I love to go for a gray scale when I’m wearing a plaid item, but when I saw this skirt I was immediately attracted by the beige tones. The earthy tones made it the perfect skirt for the fall season. I thought about this outfit as a perfect transitional summer to fall look. If it’s getting a little bit colder you just need to throw a jacket over your shoulders and you are fall ready 🙂 It is also a really versatile skirt. I shot this look while I was on vacation in Romania and when it got colder (around 34F – 2C) I just added some thermal tights, a pair of combat boots, cozy sweater and a leather jacket. You’ve seen in my previous posts, that I really like pleated midi skirts. I find them really flattering and they give you endless options of styling. You can take them from edgy to classy-elegant just by changing of your shoes. A plaid skirt is definitely something that you need to start playing with this fall. Is super trendy and also fun to mix it with different patterns. plaid skirt plaid skirt plaid skirt   plaid skirt plaid skirt   T-shirt: American Eagle Skirt: here Backpack: American Eagle Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Gucci

My summer jam: floral maxi dress

When I think about hot summer days and long walks on the beach, my jam is for sure a floral maxi dress.

floral maxi dress

You have to love such an easy dress that you just throw it on and look so put together.

Honestly, I was always drawn to maxi dresses, but I never got one, until this summer. I simply did’t fine one before to have the length that I was looking for.

When comes to this particular type of dresses, I like them extra long, even though, I don’t wear them with hells or wedges.

I normally pair a maxi dress with a pair of flat sandals, or some cute slippers.

What I love the most about this floral maxi dress, are the little of the shoulder sleeves. It makes it extra feminine and sexy in the same time.

The buttons, that go all the way down, gives you the opportunity of wearing it in different ways. If you want to show off a little more skin, just unbutton it how much you want and it looks like a dress with a sexy slit.

Of course that being such a feminine dress, I paired it with some edgy booties to change completely the look.

Shooting this outfit in the desert, I felt that the boots were actually completing the look.

I just love everything about this dress: the pattern, the colors, fabric which is really light and of course the off the shoulders sleeves.

How do you like to wear you summer floral maxi dress?

I hope you have an amazing week, my lovelies.

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

floral maxi dress

Dress: BCBG

Booties: Steve Madden

How to rock the denim on denim trend

Double denim trend or denim on denim, whatever you want to call it, it’s been around for ages, but it’s one of those that won’t be going anywhere soon.

double denim

I sent my friend a picture with outfit (because the jeans were a gift from her) and what she told me it was funny. She was asking me if denim on denim it’s still on trend, because she loves to wear it but she thought that she was out of fashion. So Cami, this post is for you and for all of you that love double denim trend and you want to do it the right way.

Even thought it might look a pretty hard trend to nail it, I promise you it is not.

As a main rule, that you should follow on styling double denim is that the colors and the washes have to be completely different.

If you wanna go for a dark blue denim jacket make sure you pair it with a light washed pair of jeans. Or the other way around: light wash denim shirt with some black or gray jeans.

When doing this type of a look, I always look for pieces that fit me perfectly. It is a look that works better with slim cuts. So, a good tip will be to try it with your skinny jeans rather than your baggy ones.

A denim blue shirt with a pair of white jeans is my to go double denim look. It is a gorgeous look for summer time.

My denim shirt it’s pretty long so I prefer to tuck it in my jeans and leave more buttons open.

I kept my styling pretty simple and just layered some necklaces for the extra feminine touch. I wanted to complete the look with a pair of summer-ish shoes, and this wedges were the perfect.

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

double denim

Are you digging this trend? I would love to know how do you wear the denim on denim trend. Let me know in the comment section down below.

Happy Monday, and let’s kick this week in the but cheeks 🙂

Jeans: Guess

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Gucci

Bag: Zara


Turtleneck midi bodycon dress

Lately I’ve been into buying basic pieces, that I can dress them up or down and mix them with some statement ones. That was my reason when I bought this turtleneck midi bodycon dress.

turtleneck dress

I was on the hunt for the perfect black turtleneck dress for ages. I just didn’t find one that would match my criteria.

All I wanted was a turtleneck dress made of a thick material, so I can wear it in the cold months too. It would have a mid-calf length and long sleeves. Trust me, it wasn’t easy, but I scored when I found this one at Zara.

There are a lot of days when I feel that I don’t have anything to wear (I’m sure you know the feeling) or when I’m just too tired to think of a complex outfit. Then all I would want is to go outside in my PJ and put 0 effort in getting ready.

This kind of dresses it was for sure created for those kind of days. Super easy to style, they allow you to dress them up or down just by choosing what shoes are you going to wear.

It is a super comfortable dress, but it’s very sexy in the same time. I can say that is my version of a LBD for the winter.

I styled mine with a short silver biker jacket too add a little contrast with the dress. The booties have a little bit of a heel but they are comfortable to walk around in them.

The beauty of such a simple turtleneck dress is that you can go crazy with the accessories without being too much.

turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress

turtleneck dress

Dress: Zara

Jacket: H&M

Booties: here

Necklace and Bag: Zara



How to wear sweatpants with high heels

Hello my lovelies,

Sweatpants and high heels together? Yes, please. It seems like we live in decade, when putting together sporty pieces with feminine ones, is not only more than acceptable, but super cool and trendy.

The sweatpants and high heels combo is back on its fashion track. When you think of sweatpants, you see them paired with sneakers, flip flops or in the cold season with UGG. And when it comes high heels, we think about something really feminine like dresses, skirts, dress pants or jeans. How about we step out of the ordinary and experiment by mixing these 2 together. The rules are not broken… we are creating new rules.

Of course that it was a time, when such a combination it was a totally fashion faux pas, but in the end, isn’t style a form of self expression? If you feel that a certain look represents you, don’t hold back, go for it babe.

If you want to go for this kind of look, I would suggest to mix a simple pair of sweatpants in a classic color, with some really feminine heels: strap sandals, pumps or stilettos.

In conclusion, it is a laid back look but uber sexy.

I hope you have a great time tomorrow with your families and give thanks for all the beautiful things that you have in your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading me and for being a big part of my life.

XoXo, OD

T-shirt: American Eagle

Sweatpants: DKNY

Biker jacket: H&M

Heels: Aldo

Bag and Earrings: Zara

Sunnies: Lucky brand


Sweater dress and over the knee boots

Hello my lovelies,

If I had to choose my favorite fall pieces, it would have to be for sure an oversized sweater dress and some over the knee boots. Besides the fact that they go perfect hand in hand, they also give you that relaxed, yet super trendy look.

As much as I love OTK boots, I don’t own too many pairs, simply because they don’t fit me. Almost all of them are super large for me and I just don’t like the way they look.

I was super excited to find this pair at Aldo because they are super stretchy (basically they look like an over the knee sock) so they fit me like a dream.

When it comes to sweater dresses, my favorite are the ones that are slightly oversized and can be worn with combat boots or sneakers, if I want to dress them down, but also with a pair of heeled OTK boots, for a more elegant look. I think that they are super comfy, warm and just perfect for the fall season.

You definitely have to own a few sweater dresses, because they are one of those items that you can’t go wrong with.

I decided to give up any necklaces and accessorize my sweater dress with this cute bee brooch. Brooches are super back on trend and I have to admit they are my favorite accessory. For sure you will see more of them in future posts, because I wear them on shirts, coats, belts, hats, almost everything.

How are you styling your favorite sweater dresses? Let me know in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you

XoXo, OD

Sweater dress: H&M

Boots: Aldo

Bag: Aldo

Sunnies: Oscar De La Renta

Brooch: here



How to wear leather pants

Today is all about the leather pants. They have been on trend forever and if worn correctly, they can give the most stylish, chic or elegant look.


I already told you in a previous post, that one of my favorite fabrics to wear when fall comes, it’s leather. I talked here about my favorite leather dress, or in this post about how to style pleated midi leather skirt.

When styling leather pants, you have to be careful what are you going to pair them with. I usually like to create a contrast between fabrics, so for example, to achieve an elegant look, I like to mix the leather pants with a super feminine lace top.

In today’s outfit post, I wanted to do a casual look, something more street style. I have this pair of leather pants for over a year, but I didn’t wear them once, because they don’t have that perfect fit, cigarette cut that I prefer. I ended up loving how they look, paired with this super loose knit sweater.

Being an all black outfit, I wanted to add a pop of color by wearing this super interesting pair of pumps. What’s so special about them? They are not leather, it’s more of a perforated fabric that sets them on the casual side.

To finish off the look, I added this stylish hat, that made the perfect match with the shades.

I hope you had an awesome weekend,

XoXo, OD

Pants: Michael Kors

Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Forever XXI

Hat & Sunnies: Lucky Brand

Accessories: Guess & HM

Glen plaid skirt

Hello my lovelies,

It’s not just sweater and knits season, fall is also great to wear some plaid pattern pieces.

The glen plaid is a combination of small and large checks and usually we can find it in muted neutrals (gray, brown, beige and black). The beauty of this color scheme is that it gives you unlimited possibilities for mixing it with other colors.

This print makes me think of fall for sure, but trust me, I couldn’t put on anything more than a skirt and a T-shirt, because October in LA means over 100 degrees F (38C). It has been pretty challenging to come up with great fall outfit ideas, when all I want to wear are super light beach dresses.

Some of you guys, that are actually enjoying the nice October weather, you can also wear this outfit just by throwing a coat or blazer over your shoulder.

Being a pencil skirt with a plaid pattern it will make you think first of an office outfit, so I definitely wanted to take it out of that zone and style it a little different.

I went more for a casual-elegant look, dressed down the skirt by adding the T-shirt, but still kept a little of it’s elegancy with the high heels.

Skirt and T-shirt: H&M

Leather top: Zara

Booties: Chinese Laundry

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

Earrings: Zara


Shirt-dress fever

Hello my lovelies,

In this spring-summer preferences, we find up top the shirt-dress: it’s casual, easy to wear and flattering for all the silhouettes.

They are basically a long button-down shirt, slightly oversized, it looks like a basic shirt (their upper half – sleeves and collar, gives them that semi-elegant look) but has the perfect length to be a dress.

When we are talking about styling shirt-dresses, I think that the shoes set the tone of the outfit and also the way you choose to accessorize it, depending the time of the day and the location.

Being a stylistically hybrid, the shirt-dress offers a lot of styling alternatives to the ones ready to go outside their comfort zone and play with it.

How are you wearing yours?

Shirt dress: Michael Kors

Heels: Forever XXI

Bag: Zara

Accessories: Aldo





Funky pencil skirt

Hello my lovelies,

When I start putting together my outfits, I always do it accordingly to how I feel.

If you ask my friends to use one word to describe me, they will say for sure – bubbly. I am a fun-crazy kid, with a bubbly personality, so I feel that a funky kind of style represents me the most.

I am a total sucker for crazy prints: animé, cartoons, pop art, everything that is colorful and fun.

When I saw this skirt at TopShop, I felt in love with the print. I though that I can create a lot of looks that will show more of my bubbly personality.

Be fun, dress funky, even if your outfit is not perfectly composed, the most important thing is how you feel when you are wearing it.

I had a lot of fun during this photoshoot and I just let my inner kid to come out and play with some balloons.


Pencil skirt: TopShop

Top: Nordstrom

High heels: Steve Maddden