Shorts and over the knee sock boots

Even though, most of us put our shorts away for the fall and winter season, I don’t think that we necessarily have to do that. We can definitely can wear shorts during winter and still look amazing. Of course that we need to find a way to style them and be warm in the same time.


My favorite way of wearing them during winter is with a pair of over the knee boots.

The OTK boots are for sure the shoes of the season and they will also keep your legs warm.

I would suggest though, to choose a pair of short pants that are not light weight. Denim, wool, suede or leather are great fabric options.

If the fabric is a little bit thicker they will look great styled with a pair of opaque black tights and some booties.

I decided to go for a fun colorful look and style my shorts with a blue sweater and a yellow blazer. The rhinestone flowers on my pants add them a little touch of elegancy.

In conclusion, even if it’s winter, don’t put away all your summer clothes, because they are some pieces that with the right styling, we can create some super cool winter outfits.







Sweater: H&M

Blazer: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Boots: here

Bag: Zara




Fringed knitted dress

One of my favorite pieces to wear during winter, it is by far the knitted dress. I think they are absolutely gorgeous looking and very easy to style.

knitted dress

A knitted dress or sweater dress, it’s a garment that it shouldn’t miss from any girl’s dressing.

Personally, I believe that looks unique and incredibly chic, but besides this it is one of the comfiest dresses that I own.

Usually you can find the knitted dress in various lengths, cuts and styles. You have to choose which type of dress fits you the most to make a statement on everyone.

To be honest, when I first saw this dress, the fringed hem was the think that caught my attention.

The knit is also beautiful and the fabric is super soft. The dress is designed with an attached slip, so even though the knit holes are pretty big you don’t need to worry what you would wear underneath so it’s not see through.

It is a fitted tank dress, so it can be styled in different ways. I chose to wear it with a leather jacket over, just because I loved the textures mix.

A different way to style it is on top of your favorite button down shirt for a more office look.

knitted dress

knitted dress

knitted dress

knitted dress

knitted dress

knitted dress

Dress: here

Jacket: H&M

Sneakers: Salvatore Ferragamo

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld




Embroidered mini skirt

Happy Monday my lovelies! I don’t know exactly what happened, but this fall I have a thing for embroidered pieces and for patterns. This gorgeous embroidered mini skirt it is my first item since all this embroidery fever started.

embroidered mini skirt

The pattern and the detailing it is absolutely stunning and the unbelievable part is that it costs only 30$.

I know this skirt might not be new for you, we’ve already seen it almost all over the fashion blogosphere. The strange part is that I still wanted it, even though, usually it doesn’t matter how much I like something, if everyone has it, I’m not getting it anymore.

Well, with this skirt, it was a different story. For some reason, the pattern and the embroidered fabric reminds me of the traditional Romanian costumes. With Christmas being so close, I am a little more emotional than usual. So, every time I’m wearing this skirt I have a melancholic smile on my face, because it reminds me of my family and the place where I grew up.

We’ve seen this embroidered mini skirt incorporated in a lot of summer outfits.Usually, worn with white t-shirts or tops. I saw it more appropriate for fall, so I paired it with a cozy sweater and a faux fur vest.

Anytime I’m wearing this vest I get a million compliments.Everyone tells me that is pretty hard to believe that it is a faux fur. It looks and feels extraordinary real but it is not.

It’s true that I don’t wear real fur, especially when we have such great alternatives.

I hope you all have a great week ahead full of fulfillment.

XoXo, OD!

embroidered mini skirt

embroidered mini skirt

embroidered mini skirt

embroidered mini skirt

embroidered mini skirt

Vest: Unreal fur (different colors here)

Sweater: here

Skirt: here

Shoes: Dirty Laundry

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld



Touch of color: patterned kimono jacket

Who says that we cannot wear colorful clothes during fall? The weather is so gorgeous in LA lately, that almost feels like spring and not fall. So, I was totally in a mood for a colorful look. This beautiful patterned kimono jacket is just perfect to define the touch of color that I needed.

patterned kimono jacket

Completely in love with kimonos, because they are a super versatile piece and a must have in any closet.

I have written before about the kimono dress and how to wear it with jeans here, so today I want to talk about this beautiful patterned kimono jacket.

Kimono jackets are, no doubt, a great alternative when you are not in the mood to wear another cardigan or blazer.

With a loose structure, kimono jackets are also great for layering during fall.

When I saw this one online, made me immediately, fall in love with the pattern and the color scheme. The fact that costs only 30$ it is just a bonus, trust me.

To accentuate the color of the kimono, I paired it with a simple black tee and some white skinny jeans. I know… this is a sensitive subject.

I heard all about the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but guess what? Sometimes I’m driven by the principle of “rules are made to be broken”. Furthermore, where do you add the fact that in So. Cal is summer almost all year round.

Most noteworthy, it is how affordable this entire look is: less than 150$. Head to toe.

In conclusion, my lovelies, you don’t need extremely pricey items to look stylish. What you really need is a little imagination and some patience on your next shopping spree.

Which is your favorite affordable fashion store to shop? I would love to hear from you.

XoXo, OD

patterned kimono jacket

patterned kimono jacketpatterned kimono jacket

patterned kimono jacket

patterned kimono jacket

patterned kimono jacket

Kimono jacket: here

Tee: H&M

Jeans: Local Store

Platform: Forever XXI

Bag: Aldo (similar here)







How to wear sweatpants with high heels

Hello my lovelies,

Sweatpants and high heels together? Yes, please. It seems like we live in decade, when putting together sporty pieces with feminine ones, is not only more than acceptable, but super cool and trendy.

The sweatpants and high heels combo is back on its fashion track. When you think of sweatpants, you see them paired with sneakers, flip flops or in the cold season with UGG. And when it comes high heels, we think about something really feminine like dresses, skirts, dress pants or jeans. How about we step out of the ordinary and experiment by mixing these 2 together. The rules are not broken… we are creating new rules.

Of course that it was a time, when such a combination it was a totally fashion faux pas, but in the end, isn’t style a form of self expression? If you feel that a certain look represents you, don’t hold back, go for it babe.

If you want to go for this kind of look, I would suggest to mix a simple pair of sweatpants in a classic color, with some really feminine heels: strap sandals, pumps or stilettos.

In conclusion, it is a laid back look but uber sexy.

I hope you have a great time tomorrow with your families and give thanks for all the beautiful things that you have in your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading me and for being a big part of my life.

XoXo, OD

T-shirt: American Eagle

Sweatpants: DKNY

Biker jacket: H&M

Heels: Aldo

Bag and Earrings: Zara

Sunnies: Lucky brand


Favorite fall coat

favorite fall coat

Hello my lovelies,

The star of the show in today’s post is for sure, the coat.

When I saw it in the store, I automatically knew that I want it to be mine.

Trying on a small size, which it was way too big for me, it was a big disappointment, because I thought that is a very unique coat and I could create some really cool outfits with it. I was checking what else they had, when on the other side of the store I saw another coat, which for my surprise it was an XS.

The fabric of the coat is what makes it so different and interesting… kind of a mesh, but not really, that’s the reason why I chose to style it with a leather mini skirt and some fishnet leggings.

I decided to go for a black on black outfit, more on the edgy side, because for some reason I find myself digging this style a lot.

Coat: DKNY

Shirt: H&M


Leggings: Zara

Boots: Zara


Accessories: Zara and Guess



Glen plaid skirt

Hello my lovelies,

It’s not just sweater and knits season, fall is also great to wear some plaid pattern pieces.

The glen plaid is a combination of small and large checks and usually we can find it in muted neutrals (gray, brown, beige and black). The beauty of this color scheme is that it gives you unlimited possibilities for mixing it with other colors.

This print makes me think of fall for sure, but trust me, I couldn’t put on anything more than a skirt and a T-shirt, because October in LA means over 100 degrees F (38C). It has been pretty challenging to come up with great fall outfit ideas, when all I want to wear are super light beach dresses.

Some of you guys, that are actually enjoying the nice October weather, you can also wear this outfit just by throwing a coat or blazer over your shoulder.

Being a pencil skirt with a plaid pattern it will make you think first of an office outfit, so I definitely wanted to take it out of that zone and style it a little different.

I went more for a casual-elegant look, dressed down the skirt by adding the T-shirt, but still kept a little of it’s elegancy with the high heels.

Skirt and T-shirt: H&M

Leather top: Zara

Booties: Chinese Laundry

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

Earrings: Zara


Get your Gingham game on

Hello my lovelies,

The power of gingham print, was back strong in the game this season: from skirts to swimwear, in the form of a ruffled blouse, or a off-the-shoulder dress, we’ve seen it everywhere.

No matter in which category your personal style fits, I`m sure that there is out there a gingham piece that will suit your taste.

Even if seems so much fun to wear a gingham pattern item, it’s still a print, so it can be tricky to style, especially if you are not into the girly girl type of look.

When I saw this super cute wrap blouse, I immediately decided to get it because it is a combination of 3 trends that I’m totally loving right now: pearls, gingham pattern and ruffled sleeves.

I enjoyed a lot how the whole outfit came together, pairing the blouse with this flare pants, in this gorgeous blush color… it just makes the shirt and the pattern to stand out more.

I’m still in the hunt for the perfect gingham skirt, so I hope that the trend is not going anywhere soon. I would enjoy to play a little bit more and have fun creating unique outfits with this print.

Have a great weekend babes, XO!

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Bershka

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Shirt-dress fever

Hello my lovelies,

In this spring-summer preferences, we find up top the shirt-dress: it’s casual, easy to wear and flattering for all the silhouettes.

They are basically a long button-down shirt, slightly oversized, it looks like a basic shirt (their upper half – sleeves and collar, gives them that semi-elegant look) but has the perfect length to be a dress.

When we are talking about styling shirt-dresses, I think that the shoes set the tone of the outfit and also the way you choose to accessorize it, depending the time of the day and the location.

Being a stylistically hybrid, the shirt-dress offers a lot of styling alternatives to the ones ready to go outside their comfort zone and play with it.

How are you wearing yours?

Shirt dress: Michael Kors

Heels: Forever XXI

Bag: Zara

Accessories: Aldo





Powerful floral print suit

Hello my lovelies,

If we think about suits, usually the first thing that we say is business attire, dark colors, basically boring … but my dear, that has changed.

Starting with this spring, we started to see more and more suit-sets with powerful floral prints. I am totally digging the trend because it’s fun to wear and you can play with the blazer or the pants mixing them with other pieces.

When I saw this suit, I already imagined myself styling it in so many different ways.

The most simple way to wear this suit is adding a pair of stilettos, for that elegant – sophisticated look.

I also chose to go for a more unusual styling, and yes, I know that suits equal elegant, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pair of sneakers, a white T-shirt and call it a day.

I put together for you also 2 looks, in which I incorporated the blazer and the pants with other items.

T-shirt: Drew

Shoes: Steve Madden

Accessories: H&M and Guess

Sunglasses: Miu Miu


Jeans: Zara

T-shirt: American Eagle

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I felt in love with the location where I shot the last pictures of the look… don’t forget that love is everywhere and you might find it in the places where you least expect.