Printed shorts: a fresh summer look

Printed shorts are the thing this summer. We’ve seen them everywhere with a variety of pattern to choose from: animals, flowers, leaves, palm trees… you can definitely find the right one for you.

printed shorts

When we talk about wearing shorts, we automatically think of them as a very casual alternative. However, I’m all about dressing them up sometimes to create a more stylish alternative.

Shorts are definitely one of the most versatile piece in your closet, because it helps you creating endless looks for summer.

On the other hand, when we talk about printed shorts in particular, they are just the puzzle piece that you need in order to create a statement.

I cannot get enough of wearing bold color designs in the summer, because besides the fact that they are really fun to wear, they are also really chic and will always give you a fresh look.

As I was saying, I wanted to dress up the shorts a little bit, so I paired them with an ultra feminine chiffon top and a cute pair of high heels.

If you think that styling a pair of printed shorts it’s difficult, let me prove you wrong. To be in the safe zone, just add a plain top. That way, you keep the focus on the pattern of the shorts but you also balance the entire look, in the same time.

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

Full look: Zara




Pleats obsession – suede pleated skirt

There is no secret how much I love a nice and girly pleated skirt. Mini or midi, skinny knife pleats or wide paneled pleats, they are my favorite.

pleated skirt

It is for sure the fact that they are not longer anymore just for preppy school girls.

They are super on trend and we’ve seen them paired with unexpected textures, or items such as moto jackets, oversized sweaters or even hoodies.

I think suede it is a very appropriate fabric for fall or winter because it looks great worn with leggings or opaque tights,

Styling mini skirts can be tricky, especially because you don’t wanna look tacky. Try to mix it with a shirt, a simple tee or an oversized sweater.

Usually a pleated skirt gives you a girly girl look. If you don’t want to achieve that look, throw a pair of combat boots and you’ll have the perfect mix between girly and tomboy.

Even though it is a very short skirt, this one has like a pair of shorts under. I like that a lot because you can move comfortably without worrying that you might show your tush by mistake.

The sweater that I’m wearing today it is one of my favorites too. It’s that piece that can make any simple outfit to pop up. The huge sequins are that little extra extra that your outfit needs.

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

Skirt: here

Sweater: here

Boots: here

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld



Oversized hoodie or sweatshirt dress

One trend that we see more often in the street style zone, it is the oversized hoodie or sweatshirt dress with over the knee boots.

oversized hoodieIf you ask me, some of the most beautiful outfits are the ones that blend together contrasting elements. In this case, a sport-ish oversized hoodie, paired with some elegant and feminine over the knee boots.

Of course, that all the stores offer the oversized alternatives for the classic hoodie. You have also an easier option: just “shop” for one in your boyfriend’s closet.

Don’t be afraid that it will look baggy and slouchy, because my dear, that’s exactly what we are looking for.

If you choose to wear your oversized hoodie with a pair of over the knee sock boots, you will totally change the sport look of the dress and just give a little sex-appeal to the whole outfit.

To be honest, even if it is a super easy outfit to put together, is not that easy to wear. In my opinion it gives you an alluring look. With that being said, if you are not comfortable turning heads and being the center of attention, I wouldn’t recommend this look as a daily basis outfit.

Even though it is not an outfit that shows a lot of skin, and the dress kind of hides your body shape, it is extremely sexy.

I would totally chose to wear an oversized hoodie with a pair of over the knee boots, to any night out, club or party because it is actual and uber cool.

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

oversized hoodie

Oversized hoodie: Cotton On

Boots: On sale now here

Backpack: Aeropostale

Happy Monday my lovelies… and let’s make this new week a memorable one.

XoXo, OD



Glen plaid skirt

Hello my lovelies,

It’s not just sweater and knits season, fall is also great to wear some plaid pattern pieces.

The glen plaid is a combination of small and large checks and usually we can find it in muted neutrals (gray, brown, beige and black). The beauty of this color scheme is that it gives you unlimited possibilities for mixing it with other colors.

This print makes me think of fall for sure, but trust me, I couldn’t put on anything more than a skirt and a T-shirt, because October in LA means over 100 degrees F (38C). It has been pretty challenging to come up with great fall outfit ideas, when all I want to wear are super light beach dresses.

Some of you guys, that are actually enjoying the nice October weather, you can also wear this outfit just by throwing a coat or blazer over your shoulder.

Being a pencil skirt with a plaid pattern it will make you think first of an office outfit, so I definitely wanted to take it out of that zone and style it a little different.

I went more for a casual-elegant look, dressed down the skirt by adding the T-shirt, but still kept a little of it’s elegancy with the high heels.

Skirt and T-shirt: H&M

Leather top: Zara

Booties: Chinese Laundry

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

Earrings: Zara


Shirt-dress fever

Hello my lovelies,

In this spring-summer preferences, we find up top the shirt-dress: it’s casual, easy to wear and flattering for all the silhouettes.

They are basically a long button-down shirt, slightly oversized, it looks like a basic shirt (their upper half – sleeves and collar, gives them that semi-elegant look) but has the perfect length to be a dress.

When we are talking about styling shirt-dresses, I think that the shoes set the tone of the outfit and also the way you choose to accessorize it, depending the time of the day and the location.

Being a stylistically hybrid, the shirt-dress offers a lot of styling alternatives to the ones ready to go outside their comfort zone and play with it.

How are you wearing yours?

Shirt dress: Michael Kors

Heels: Forever XXI

Bag: Zara

Accessories: Aldo





Powerful floral print suit

Hello my lovelies,

If we think about suits, usually the first thing that we say is business attire, dark colors, basically boring … but my dear, that has changed.

Starting with this spring, we started to see more and more suit-sets with powerful floral prints. I am totally digging the trend because it’s fun to wear and you can play with the blazer or the pants mixing them with other pieces.

When I saw this suit, I already imagined myself styling it in so many different ways.

The most simple way to wear this suit is adding a pair of stilettos, for that elegant – sophisticated look.

I also chose to go for a more unusual styling, and yes, I know that suits equal elegant, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pair of sneakers, a white T-shirt and call it a day.

I put together for you also 2 looks, in which I incorporated the blazer and the pants with other items.

T-shirt: Drew

Shoes: Steve Madden

Accessories: H&M and Guess

Sunglasses: Miu Miu


Jeans: Zara

T-shirt: American Eagle

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I felt in love with the location where I shot the last pictures of the look… don’t forget that love is everywhere and you might find it in the places where you least expect.



Skater girl – rock your inner tomboy style

I think all of us have days, when we want to put away the “vogue” look and just let our inner tomboy come out and play.

The key in rocking a tomboy style outfit, is to add a feminine touch to it.

tomboy style

I wanted to go practice my skateboard skills (which btw are not that great), so I thought that was the perfect moment to choose more a tomboy look.

For my skater girl look I chose to wear my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, a sports bra and layer it with a see-through T-shirt.

You don’t need to be always a tomboy, but when you want to dress like one, just be confident and remember that we don’t need just high heels and body con dresses to be and feel sexy.

tomboy style

tomboy style

tomboy style

tomboy style

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Converse

Belt: 686

T-shirt: H&M