How to style a flannel dress?

Who doesn’t love cozy flannel pattern in the Fall? But in the same time, we want to wear them without looking dated. So, ladies and gents let me introduce you the star of the show: the flannel dress.

flannel dress

Plaid might seem the easiest pattern to wear; but I’m sorry to be the one breaking it down for you: it is the trickiest to pull off. Of course, in case that you don’t want to look like you just came back from the 2000’s.

A plaid print styled correctly it can look really cool and can give a high fashion, sophisticated vibe.

When comes to flannel shirts, I always choose the oversized ones… just because it’s easier to style them in a way that looks trendy. If they are not giving me a little of that masculine’ish vibe … I just avoid them by any means.

That’s also the reason why I loved this dress in the first place. It is chunky and oversized.

The red and black plaid pattern is the most popular out of all and to be completely honest it is the color combo that I’m not crazy about at all. The way it looks though on this dress doesn’t bother me.

Today, I styled the dress in 2 different ways, but you don’t need to stop there. This dress is one that offers you a plethora of styling options and can be worn in various seasons. It can make the best layering piece over a pair of leather leggings and a biker jacket on your shoulders.

It is a few inches shorter than I expected, but paired with the patent leather ankle booties and a black felt hat I achieved a unique, more low-key sexy look.

I changed up the tune a little bit for the second part from sexy to girlie. Adding the super fun pair of sneakers, a beanie and a jean jacket, same dress looks completely different. More of a casual, fun look perfect for your Fall rendezvous.

flannel dress

flannel dress

flannel dress

flannel dress

Dress: here (on sale now for under 20$) / Boots: Zara / Hat & Sunnies: Lucky Brand / Bag: Ross

flannel dress

flannel dress

flannel dress

flannel dress

Shoes: here / Jacket: Pull&Bear / Hat: BCBCMAXAZRIA / Sunnies: Steve Madden




Printed shorts: a fresh summer look

Printed shorts are the thing this summer. We’ve seen them everywhere with a variety of pattern to choose from: animals, flowers, leaves, palm trees… you can definitely find the right one for you.

printed shorts

When we talk about wearing shorts, we automatically think of them as a very casual alternative. However, I’m all about dressing them up sometimes to create a more stylish alternative.

Shorts are definitely one of the most versatile piece in your closet, because it helps you creating endless looks for summer.

On the other hand, when we talk about printed shorts in particular, they are just the puzzle piece that you need in order to create a statement.

I cannot get enough of wearing bold color designs in the summer, because besides the fact that they are really fun to wear, they are also really chic and will always give you a fresh look.

As I was saying, I wanted to dress up the shorts a little bit, so I paired them with an ultra feminine chiffon top and a cute pair of high heels.

If you think that styling a pair of printed shorts it’s difficult, let me prove you wrong. To be in the safe zone, just add a plain top. That way, you keep the focus on the pattern of the shorts but you also balance the entire look, in the same time.

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

printed shorts

Full look: Zara




How to rock the socks trend this spring

I’ve written a post before about the socks trend (here), but I love it so much that I’m getting into it again.

socks trend

Wearing socks and sandals or high heels it is the trendiest accessory combo that you have to try it this spring.

And when I say socks, I’m talking about all of them: sport, embellished, mesh, or even crazy neon colors… everything that stands out.

I’m not saying that is the easiest look to put together, but it is definitely something worth trying.

You can do this little accessory combo when you want to make a simple outfit stand out more.

I’m a big fan of wearing sports/tennis socks with ultra feminine strappy sandals for that nice touch of contrast.

In today’s post, I wanted a pair of more thinner, way dressier pair of socks. I wanted a pair of embellished socks for a really long time, but I didn’t have any luck finding the right pair. So, what do you do when you can’t find something that you truly like? You do it yourself.

Even though, I’m not a crafty person by all means, and I wasn’t endowed with too much patience, I decided that I should give it a try.

After a few long hours and some “hard work” I finished up these beauties. I think I will give another try to socks design because I really enjoyed doing it.

I wore the with different pairs of shoes and they looked stunning each and every time. I also got a lot of compliments wearing them and everyone was asking me where did I get them.

This socks and shoe combo helped me take out the ordinary zone this cute leather dress. Being such a simple dress, it needed something to make it pop.

Are you going to try this trend this spring?

I wish you an amazing week!

XoXo, OD

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

socks trend

Dress and bag: Zara

Shoes: here (on sale)

Socks: Proudly made by me 🙂



How to wear the pleated midi skirt with sneakers

It’s hard to believe that you don’t have already a pleated midi skirt. This type of skirt is a staple closet and we’ve seen it around for a while now.

pleated midi skirt

A pleated midi skirt is super easy to wear. You can take it in 2 opposite styling areas: elegant or casual. All depends on what you feel like wearing or where are you going.

When you decide what approach you take for this skirt, the shoes are the ones that are setting the tone of your outfit.

If you want to go for an elegant look, you need just to add a pair of cute high heels and a top.

I usually like to do a more casual styling with this kind of skirt, so I’m going to opt for a pair of fashion sneakers.

Even though is spring, we were getting colder temperatures in LA the last couple of days.So, I find this sweater more than perfect to wear it with my spring-ish skirt.

The volumes, created by this chunky sweater and the skirt it is something that I really enjoy. Call me crazy but I love the loose fitting clothes.

For this outfit, I chose to propose the bag in 2 different ways: as a crossbody bag and as a bag belt. To be honest, I wore it as a belt bag, because it’s the perfect trick to accentuate your waist line.

The fact that I decided to add sneakers to this look it’s no surprise for anyone. I love to mix and match items in order to create unique looks. And this fashion sneakers were the va va voom that my outfit was missing.

Happy hump day, my lovelies!

XoXo, OD

midi pleated skirt

pleated midi skirt

pleated midi skirt

pleated midi skirt

pleated midi skirt

Sweater: H&M

Skirt: Forever XXI

Shoes: Gucci

Bag: here



Classy black- tricks in achieving an elegant all black look

Today I want to talk about the classy black. Achieving an elegant and classy all black look, is not difficult if you keep in mind a few rules.

Today I want to talk about the classy black. Achieving an elegant and classy all black look, is not difficult if you keep in mind a few rules.

When you think about an elegant, feminine, all black outfit, what’s the first think that comes into your mind? For me, it is Coco Chanel with her staple “little black dress”.

Black looks good on all hair colors, skin tones; black is elegant and timeless.

If you want to approach an all black outfit and look fashionable, I’ll share some tips with you that help me every time.

First of all, in every all black outfits, the most important thing that you should pay attention to, is fitting. True that black is slimming, however you don’t want to look shapeless. So, take advantage of it’s flattering attribute and wear more fitted clothes.

I’m guilty of this one. My all time favorite trick in a monochrome outfit (especially black) is: bold accessorizing. In today’s outfit, for example, I made a statement with the feather brooch. It completely changed the blazer, from a simple piece, to one that draws all the attention.

If you feel the need to add a pop of color, you can do it by choosing a pair of shoes in a bold color.

I wanted to keep my shoes black, because these blue, sparkly pearl socks just stole my heart. I just saw them perfectly integrated in this look; they are in the same styling zone with my whole outfit.

A mix of pearls, lace and feathers… can it get any better? Oh, yes my dear! Red lips. I always though that you have to create a balance between your outfit and your hairstyle and makeup. Don’t forget that is part of the look.

A cat eye liner and red lips was everything that I needed to complete this classy black look.

What are the occasions, when you like to wear an all black outfit?

Have a great week my lovelies,

XoXo, OD!

all black

classy black

Full outfit: H&M

Shoes: Christian Louboutin here

Brooch: here

Socks: here

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld


How to achieve a casual but girly look

Hello my lovelies,

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with your families.

I was super busy today, not necessarily going for those Black Friday deals (I rather do online shopping this day, than to deal with the crowds in the store), but I had to run around the city and get some things done. That’s why I chose to wear a casual but girly look that is super comfortable.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t think that I would ever wear any midi skirts, I developed a crush and I just keep buying them.

I like this particular one, because it’s slightly asymmetric, longer in the back, which gives it that little extra something.

You can easily dress it up and add a pair of high heels, but my favorite shoe combo for this skirt, it is for sure a pair of converse.

Another obsession that I have lately, is the tulle socks: simple, with studs, pearls or stones. I want to mix them with almost any type of shoes (I’m sure that you’ll see them in future posts too).

For this particular look, I think that the socks are a nice styling trick, that adds an extra cuteness to the outfit.

The funny thing about this outfit is that, when I saw the pictures I realized that I kind of match the face on my T-shirt 🙂

Have a great weekend,

XoXo, OD

Biker jacket: H&M

T-shirt: here

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Converse

Backpack: BCBG

How to wear sweatpants with high heels

Hello my lovelies,

Sweatpants and high heels together? Yes, please. It seems like we live in decade, when putting together sporty pieces with feminine ones, is not only more than acceptable, but super cool and trendy.

The sweatpants and high heels combo is back on its fashion track. When you think of sweatpants, you see them paired with sneakers, flip flops or in the cold season with UGG. And when it comes high heels, we think about something really feminine like dresses, skirts, dress pants or jeans. How about we step out of the ordinary and experiment by mixing these 2 together. The rules are not broken… we are creating new rules.

Of course that it was a time, when such a combination it was a totally fashion faux pas, but in the end, isn’t style a form of self expression? If you feel that a certain look represents you, don’t hold back, go for it babe.

If you want to go for this kind of look, I would suggest to mix a simple pair of sweatpants in a classic color, with some really feminine heels: strap sandals, pumps or stilettos.

In conclusion, it is a laid back look but uber sexy.

I hope you have a great time tomorrow with your families and give thanks for all the beautiful things that you have in your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading me and for being a big part of my life.

XoXo, OD

T-shirt: American Eagle

Sweatpants: DKNY

Biker jacket: H&M

Heels: Aldo

Bag and Earrings: Zara

Sunnies: Lucky brand


Looking classy during fall

Hello my lovelies,

In today’s post I chose to show you a super simple outfit, that will make you look classy during fall.

The entire outfit is created out of basic pieces that I’m sure you can find them in your closet. It is easy to recreate it, in case that you like it.

I love to mix the cami silk top in a lot of my outfits, because is super comfortable and gives a sexy look.

For fall outfits, I like to wear the cami top underneath deep v neck sweaters, or with a knitted blazer, like in today’s post.

The bottom part of my outfit I kept it pretty simple, with a pair of black skinny jeans and this camel shade open-toe booties.

The accessories are really simple, because I wore this outfit for a brunch date with my girls.

I wanted to keep the fall color scheme and stay in the beige zone, so I thought that this brown beautiful dragonfly brooch (yep, I know, another brooch) will fit perfectly in the scene with some gold bangles.

If I would want to wear it this outfit in the evening, for dinner, I would add a statement necklace, some earrings and call it a night.

Blazer: Cotton On

Cami top: H&M

Jeans: Hudson

Booties: Forever XXI

Brooch: here

Bangles: Forever XXI




Shades of blue: layered outfit

Hello my lovelies,

Layering is one styling trick, that if done correctly, can be super useful: it keeps us warm but still stylish during cold months.

Many of us are afraid to do a layered outfit, because we don’t want to look with at least a size bigger. But if you master this little styling trick, instead of making you look bigger, it will give the impression of a more proportional silhouette.

If you are born with some styling skills, layering is not a problem for you, but if you are not one of those, honestly, I don’t believe is so much about the skills and ingenuity. It’s more about having the right pieces and know a few layering rules.

The most important rule that you should consider to follow, is knowing that under layers must be fitted, in order to keep your shape looking slim.

When styling a layered outfit, I like to play with texture, because the mix of materials will make you avoid “a size bigger” look.

Before I moved to California, I was living in Eastern Europe, where winter is no joke. Basically, dressed up like an onion with a million layers on me.

So, let’s all be some stylish onions this winter (hahaha)

XoXo, OD

Blazer: Express

Button down: H&M

Sweater: Diesel

Jeans: Zara

Booties: Marshalls (I found them for you here)

Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

Beanie: BCBG

One dress, 2 different looks

One dress two different looks?

Today’s post is about how to use the same piece (in this case the dress) and integrate it in two different outfits.

I wrote about slip dresses before here and what I like the most about them is that you can put together a super stylish outfit and you’ll look like you didn’t try hard at all.

For today’s post I used this super cute asymmetric slip dress to create two separate looks.

For the first look I decided to throw over the dress a fluffy and cozy pullover. I loved how it looks with the slinky slip dress underneath. As a result, I believe that the contrast between the materials was the key for this styling. In conclusion, the only requirement that’s left, it was to add a pair of booties to finish the look.

Slip dress: Zara

Pullover: Forever XXI

Belt: here

Booties: Steve Madden

Bag: Zara


For the second look, I replaced the sweater with a biker jacket.First of all, I’m not a big fan of wearing high heels with my slip dresses, because I like to dress them down a little. That is the reason why I choose to keep the booties for the second look too.

In addition, I chose this silver biker jacket, because I really like the effect that was created together with the shimmery of the dress.

Jacket: H&M

T-shirt: Drew

Necklaces: H&M

Have a great weekend, babes!

XoXo, OD