Plaid for fall

Plaid trend started to be the biggest fall fashion trend in 2017. It continued it’s popularity through out the spring season, and here we are… Fall 2018 – plaid everywhere: plaid skirt, pants, blazers, etc. plaid skirt Instead of going away, this trend gain even more popularity and we can definitely talk about this pattern being timeless. With that being said, you can start buying some plaid garments (if you don’t have any already) to add them to your closet. Usually, I love to go for a gray scale when I’m wearing a plaid item, but when I saw this skirt I was immediately attracted by the beige tones. The earthy tones made it the perfect skirt for the fall season. I thought about this outfit as a perfect transitional summer to fall look. If it’s getting a little bit colder you just need to throw a jacket over your shoulders and you are fall ready 🙂 It is also a really versatile skirt. I shot this look while I was on vacation in Romania and when it got colder (around 34F – 2C) I just added some thermal tights, a pair of combat boots, cozy sweater and a leather jacket. You’ve seen in my previous posts, that I really like pleated midi skirts. I find them really flattering and they give you endless options of styling. You can take them from edgy to classy-elegant just by changing of your shoes. A plaid skirt is definitely something that you need to start playing with this fall. Is super trendy and also fun to mix it with different patterns. plaid skirt plaid skirt plaid skirt   plaid skirt plaid skirt   T-shirt: American Eagle Skirt: here Backpack: American Eagle Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Gucci

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