All white outfit

Hello my lovelies,

In the summer, I really enjoy wearing all white outfits because if you have a little bit of tan, it just gives you an effortless glow.

If you don’t have any inspiration in mixing colors or prints, choosing a minimal, monochromatic outfit will always be a winning look.

I really think that everyone can pull of an all white outfit and look gorgeous, because there is no secret styling tricks to this outfit. They are crisp, clean and inspire a lot of confidence.

When I choose to wear an all white look, I like to mix different shades of white and always add a colorful pair of shoes.

The only downside of this outfit is, that you always have to be careful and stay away from stains.

Culottes: BCBG

Top: Local store

Bag: Forever XXI

Shoes: Jessica Buurman


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